Technical Description

Manufactured from a tough natural stone, Quietstone provides a cost effective hard-wearing, acoustic solution to meet most industrial and interior needs. Constructed from a bonded flint with scientifically designed air cavities Quietstone panels have a unique combination of absorption and attenuation properties. For guidance on any aspect of Quietstone and its performance please contact us.

Sound Absorption





Sound Attenuation



Above figure based on 28mm thick Quietstone with the back face screeded with 12mm of Carlite plaster.

Fire Performance

Quietstone meets the requirements for Class 1 spread of flame, and also the requirements for part 6 Fire Propagation, and is designated by the Building Regulations as Class 0.



Panel Type Volume Mass
Standard Panel 500 x 500 x 28mm 10kg / panel (approx.)
Light Panel 500 x 500 x 14mm 5kg / panel (approx.)



Unaffected by water, steam, condensation and damp.


Chemical Resistance

Good chemical resistance. For resistance to specific chemicals please contact us.


Thermal Conductivity

K Value   .424 W / m² / °C


Load Bearing Properties

Property Measurement
Density  1600 kg / m³
Compression Strength  10.5 x 10³ kN / m²
Compression Module  3400 x 10³ kN / m²