Security glass specifically designed to reduce the transmission of EMI / RF (electronic noise), marketed worldwide exclusively by Tempest Security Systems.

What is it?


Datastop glass can be used as windows or glazed panels in conjunction with shielded external walls, internal partitions or enclosures designed to provide good attenuation using the “Faraday Cage Principle.”

A “Faraday Cage” is an enclosure with all external surfaces are electrically conducting. For maximum attenuation, the special coatings on Datastop glass must be conductively connected to the window frame all around its periphery, which in turn should be connected to the wall screening of the enclosure.

Datastop glass can be used, inter alia, in the external and / or internal glazing of buildings, viewing panels in shielded cabinets, and OEM viewing panels (to meet EC regulations)

The complete absence of any metal mesh combined with the other qualities listed below makes the product unique.


  • Excellent electrical attenuation over a wide range of frequencies
  • Total optical clarity and light transmission
  • Low solar heat transmission from high thermal insulation
  • Free of obstructive metal mesh
  • High impact resistant safety glass
  • Available in large sizes (up to 2000mm x 3500mm)
  • Laminated Datastop options completely eliminate UVA / UVB rays
  • Easy edge connection methods